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Hi I am Sedem, a mixed media artist and illustrator based in North East of Scotland. Though a blank page can be daunting, sketchbooks are a safe space to experiment and put marks on a page. No one but you has to see it, so why fear what marks you do.

Throughout the pandemic and even after, I considered sketchbooking a helpful tool for maintaining mental health and wellbeing because it is one of the best ways to practise mindfulness which is proven to reduce anxiety.

Drawing on location is a big part of my practise as I find it as stepping out of my comfort zone whilst carrying out the action of something within my own comfort zone while being in nature and drawing from observation as it can offer more than drawing from photos in a studio room. 

I share my process, materials I use and how I use them on my Patreon

Ink-Watercolor-Texture-Canvas 2.png
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