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I am a mixed media artist based in North East Scotland where offers some amazing landscape and I happen to love drawing in nature!

I love drawing landscapes and nature but I do other things as well if you follow me on IG you would have already known that!

I enjoy watching other people's processes and I want to share mine as well, because when I first started it was really difficult to understand how to layer and how to create depth and so on. So if you ever wondered "how did they do that!?", you are in the right place because I share my full process!

I also share weekly inspirations, so if you are ever feeling like "what to draw" there is an amazing library I have created and keep adding to it.

As well as sharing my process and how I put things together, materials and sketchbook tours, I host an online monthly "Reflection Sunday" on the last Sunday of the month, to talk about our month, share work if we want to and make plans.

There is a community chat for all the paid members that I now use as my close friends list. It is a nice way to connect as it is in a chat format rather than being one sided.

Hope you decide to join this supportive community!


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