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Looking for a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art? This made-to-order commission service allows you to work directly with me to create a custom piece tailored specifically to your vision. Whether it's a personalized unique landscape, pet portrait, slef portrait or a custom abstract piece, I will bring your ideas to life with meticulous attention to detail. Each commission is carefully crafted using high-quality materials and a keen artistic eye, ensuring that your artwork will be a true masterpiece. Let me help you bring your artistic vision to life with a custom commission that will be cherished for years to come.


Please do NOT purchase this before discussing it with me. By purchasing this you are agreeing to the commisioning agreement which you can find it below.


Sedem Demir Commission Contract


Sedem Demir will complete the roughs and send them to the customer before starting the final artwork. Once they are approved by the customer, the final artwork will be completed within the agreed time frame.


Please also note that your commision will be a mixed media artwork, meaning that the artist will be using a variety of materials including but not limited to, pencils, paints, pastels, inks, markers, watercolours, digital tools such as Procreate, therefore you will be receiving a custom print. Artist can include the original artwork before its digital additions to your shipping on request but the finished artwork will be the print.

Revisions: Satisfying the customer is of utmost importance but there ARE limits to what will be altered at the request of the customer. The Artist will only make revisions that are within the confines of existing style and that do not clash with the mission or vision of the artist. This is for the intent of staying committed to business purpose and brand.


Two (2) round of revisions are offered free of charge. After that there is a flat rate of £20 for per revision.


The Customer will be notified of a new completion date at the request of any revisions.

Copyright: Artist retains all copyright of the produced artwork. Ultimately this means that the customer has permission to share the work publicly and use it on display for private use but any reproduction of the work, especially reproductions that will be used for profit or commercial uses, is strictly prohibited unless approved by the artist in writing. Failing to do so is a crime and will result in legal action.

Sharing of Art: Social media sharing and other public sharing of artwork are vital for marketing purposes of the Artist. This includes, but is not limited to, artwork potentially being displayed on artist’s Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, website, studio, brochures, web and print advertisements and business documents.


The Customer consents to completed work, as well as reference photos, being used for these purposes. If there are things that the customer does not consent to being used this way, then they are as follows (This may result in a higher price as it ultimately hurts the Artist’s ability to advertise business representatively).

Customer Privacy: Sedem Demir will agree to hold off on the sharing of artwork if that is necessary for the plans of the customer (such as birthday gifts, usage for an event etc). If yes, please write it in the personalization section.


Giving Credit: When sharing work publicly, either online or in person, the Customer agrees to give the Artist credit though clear and visible labeling, tagging or verbal acknowledgement. Obstruction or concealment of the signature is prohibited.

Delivery for Physical Art: All products are shipped tracked.

Insurance: Sedem Demir is not responsible for any possible damage incurred during shipment. Sedem Demir will pack artwork with the finest packing procedures for fragile materials and label the package “Fragile” and "Do not Bend" but this does not guarantee damage free delivery. Royal Mail covers the lost or damaged items up to £20, however a clear evidence will be required for this and customer is responsible for dealing with the compensation with Royal Mail. 


No returns, exchanges or refunds are accepted as this is a custom made agreed artwork.


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